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This is the final Issue of The Handstand series 2001-2012
In following months I will endeavour to create the classified Archivew complete.

Edcell by Jocelyn Braddell,

Reports for 2013 - FCunningham

DrAffia Siddique by Yvonne Ridley

Parliamentary edicts - Decree-o-matic by Leigh Phillips

The January Page

Jan.1st 2013 Syria Swings between Hell and Dialogue

PRESS RELEASE ON SAN OFFRE , The Troubled Nuclear Power Facility USA

USA Hype over WMD; 5 Invasion Plots, 3 Continents, Identical Lies

Trial by Jury wiped out for American Citizens prosecuted in their own country

Fallujah Maternity Hospital - Donna Mulhearn

British State Terrorism from Northern Ireland to Syria, Finian Cunningham

The Drone Operator

Grappling With Phantoms - Phil Rockstroh

American Militarism threatens setting off World War 3 -Prof . F.Boyle


The Un-Silenced Voice by Chris Hedges

Reflections on the Break-up and Colonisation of Yugoslavia by Milina Jovanovic

The BBC - John Pilger diagnoses their Role and Propaganda

Obama's Core Legal Values of Indefinite Detention Refused by Iraq and Afghanistan - & - Give Thanks...

Prosecute U.S. Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign

Agriculture : Food Storage? Only price rise and stocks speculation

Environment Reports ice-melt significant/Thames Barrier explained

Nuclear Stress Tests Reveal Hundreds of Faults in Europe

Europe Why Banks Rule the World

Nurembourg,Guantanamo and the Construction of Guilt by M.Robeson

Devouring Jackals by LinhDinh a unique internet blogger (State of the Union)

The Zionist Story by Ronen Berelovich, unique film.

Abbas and the UN - To pursue War Crimes Charges?

Palestine - Reports and opinions and a victory for these people.

Poems - O Marvin How Much Blood Can Soak the Earth?

War By Any Other Means by Eric Walburg

Elite Intrigues, It Is Not About Sex, Stupid! by James Petras

The Syrian Puzzle and the Future of the M.E. by Omar Kassem/France update

Noam Chomsky - Impressions of Gaza

Turkish Justice Pursues Israeli Commanders

Archaeology : As Iraq Syria's heritage looting

Syria - Surviving Hell's Maelstrom by F.Lamb

Miscellany of Quotes

Africa : Strikers in S.A. stand firm on demands

Australia: Local Law Report - John Wilson

Obama 2nd Term - no Debate on Drones, only Kucinich Keeping Tabs on Everything

Censoring Myself for Success ? K'Naan

The Need to Oppose - A Socialist Perspective

Three Important Music Studios wiped out bt Hurricane Sandy.

Race in USA When Are We Going to Get Over It? A.M.Mannis

Political Trial of Caring Man - End of Justice in USA by John Pilger

Muslim difficulties in USA by Glenn Greenwald

Science - Increased Pesticide Use for GMO Crops Threatens Animal & Human Health.

Gabriel Byrne Slams the Gathering - Considerable Support on Facebook