Law report from john wilson

Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,

Milovan fined $100 for "TRESPASSING" on his OWN LAND.

Yesterday, in the Local Court of New South Wales at Parramatta, "Magistrate" T. Murphy conducted the standard Kangaroo/ Star Chamber/ Police/ New World Order "Court" proceedings by treating Milovan Stankovic as we are all treated, ie: as a Slave of the "Commonwealth of Australia" Corporation registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ... rather than as a Human Being with the Rights of Consent, to Property and to Trial by Jury.

"Magistrate" T. Murphy's response to Milovan's Affidavits, presented to him one-by-one, was "Yes. I have read that." as he put each one to the side to ignore their contents which included irrefutable proof that Milovan is the rightful and true lawful owner of a 5-acre block of land in residential Kellyville and irrefutable proof of the Judicial Corruption and Conspiracy to Defraud committed by lawyers and the Hills Shire Council Corporation.

"Magistrate" T Murphy saw in those Affidavits and Milovan repeatedly held up to him, the RECEIPT for the $25,420-00 that he paid IN PROTEST on day 13 into a 21-day Stay of a "Sequestration Order" in the Federal Magistrates Court in May of 2009 to cancel that so-called "act of bankruptcy" declared (unlawfully, of course) by another operative of the "Commonwealth of Australia" Corporation, the "Official Receiver".

When Milovan stressed to "Magistrate" T. Murphy that one witness for the NSW POLICE FORCE, Mr Eric Newham, upon cross-examination, admitted he did not show to the NSW POLICE FORCE a SEALED DEED for him being the owner of Lot B President Road, Kellyville, and still could not do so for the Court, "Magistrate" T. Murphy said "He doesn't have to. I am satisfied with what Mr Newham claims."

When one NSW POLICE FORCE Officer told Milovan (when Milovan cross-examined him) that he did not have a warrant and DOES NOT NEED A WARRANT to ARREST HIM, "Magistrate" T. Murphy quite accepted that this is how the NSW POLICE FORCE can operate.

I thought to myself that the late Bob Zivonic would have stood up, pointed his arm upwards and said in a loud voice, "SIEG HEIL, MEIN FUHRER!", as he did in 2009 when 19 POLICE and SHERIFFS raided my dental surgery to break up a barbeque 24 of my supporters and I were having, to arrested me to enforce a NSW Supreme KANGAROO Court "Order" to steal that property from me, etc., etc.. 

Immediately on leaving the "Court", Milovan filed an Appeal into the District Court and the first mention is on 28/11/2012 at 09:30 AM across the road at 8 George Street, Parramatta.

Milovan vows "NEVER WILL I GIVE IN!".

Last night (he has been staying at my home for the last few weeks as a break from living where he has for the last 2 years - in his Toyota truck parked on the street adjacent to his property at Kellyville), he had a very bad night - weak, coughing severely and having difficulty breathing (he has leukaemia, diabetes, heart and lung complications his doctors have written as "deteriorating because of his living conditions". At 8:15, he went left to struggle up my driveway and the hill to the bus stop to visit his truck to make it ready for re-registration on Monday. Before he returns each night, he phones me and asks "What you want, John? I buy you some beer? I buy some food?" ...... he can't drink any alcohol, himself, because his sugar levels are dangerously high but, last night, he said "I don't care, John. I have some wine." and he had about 200ml of Cabernet Merlot which said was "Beautiful."

He frequently says, "I come to this country 40 years ago. I work 7 days a week ... for nothing..... they steal my property....what the heck!!!!!'

The Bill of Rights 1688 says that "evil counsellors, judges and ministers .... did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the laws and liberties of the people".

In Australia, they are worse than that ......... let alone seeming THIEVES and TRAITORS to UK Colonial Laws..... they are MALICIOUS.    

Yours sincerely,

John Wilson. []