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Stoppress: (Updated)

Europa -An Examination of the Reform of the Lisbon Treaty, its treachery to Nation States, its legal designation as a Federal State.

(NEW) European Union's proposed Military and Security Council -

(NEW) Irish Government Response to Citizen's Request as Gaza Crisis mounts...

(NEW) Gaza Report - M.Omer and Europe's Collusion with Israel's slow Genocide - O.Barghouti

Kosovo a precedent for the West as German interests and others well know. Ioannia Michaletos

The Last Word on Serbian Manifesatations of Guilt!

What Ex-President Cossiga Knows We All Know

The Kings of England - G.Monbiot

A Little Back-Story on the Rwandan G and Karenzi Karake. Dr Bernie Kouchner's Man in Darfur

Environbment: Latest Data and Technology Directives

Colonialism Rears Its Ugly Head - Curacoa

(NEW) The Epiphany Gift - Fidel; Castro

A Violent Cartography by elin O'Hara slavick

Doremus Observes - Manic Takeover of Military USA by Christian Evangelicals

Handstand Project : Oil

Oil, the Great Game. International Developments We should Keep in Mind

OPEC Blunder Reveals Debate on Weak Dollar by Sebastian Abbot

Is Corrib Gas Development Good for theCommunity? Maura Harrington.

Increase in Number of the Corrib Wells , Five now for 24hr Input Line

Irish Off-Shore Jackpot? Race to Fint the Pot of Gold

Zionists Get Iraqi Oil - Dutch and English(Basra) implicated.

Africa under further menace of Resource Wars - R.N. Rosa

Remembering Biafra by Chioma Oruh

Tar Sands by Yves Engler

U.S., Massive Oil Reserves in Colorado



Interview Jean Christophe Nizeyimana A Survivor of Rwandan Genocide with David Barouski

Paul Kagame, the Master-Mind of the Genocide of the Interior, Tutsis. by Guillaume Murere

Medical: Nigeria Sues Pfizer on Killer Drug for Meningitis Trials


The Primacy of the Ear and A Reflection on Memory and Nostalgia - Gilad Atzmon

Ireland: County Fermanagh Arts News

Umayah - Her Exile. The Well Known Palestinian Cartoonist Umayah Jeha.

Iraq by Layla Anwar

Duck, Cover, Upchuck - Frank Scott

The President has accepted "Ethnic Cleansing" - Seymour Hersh

Democratic Elections in Russia? No Joke! - Mick Collins

Various Articles on the Dollar Crisis

GUANTANAMO "I will never Leave"

Covert Agent Insists only the Public can Eradicate US Government Corruption

(NEW) Twenty-five USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11 - Alan Miller

Did Hilary Clinton really win New Hampshire - D.Lindorff

Poem: Cavort by Connie Dover


ISIS Press Release - BioFuels could Create Food Crisis

The Electric Sun-Earth Connection Confirmed by M Goodsped

Advanced Access Content System, the entertainment industry has the ability to treat the products you buy as leased objects.

The French Connection to Nuclear Proliferation - Ace Hofman and Nuclear "Balm" ignores Casualties - Joseph Mangano