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StopPress+ new updates; Labour isn't an Option, G.Atzmon

(NEW) USA Maintains total war purposes by John Kaminski

Louis Stewart & Gilad Atzmon Quintet UK Tour : Gigs Dates in May

Global Iniatives Invited : Sustainable World, Agriculture,Scientists Group ; Global Pact against Dep;leted Uranium, Prof.Francis Boyle

(NEW) World Tribunal on Iraq, John Berger + Letter to GWBush and Tony Blair

Revealed : An engine found in the street + Secret Probe of Stock Dealings Before 9/11

pg 2.: The Engine that landed in the street....

(NEW) Israel's 5th Column Exposed and Proof the Fix Was In, Ray McGovern

News White People Like to Read about Africans, J Domingo ; Black.Dead and Invisible, Bob Herbert

Picture Post: Darfur, Sudan Africa

The Millenium Ecosystem Assesment : Wangari Maathai ; Coke pesticide ; Mexican Activist.

Mobile Phones and the African Congo Industry for Coltan

Outmanoeuvre the War Proponents in Iraq: FPIF Discussion Paper; UPDATE Naomi Klein and Prof.M Neuman dispute the subject

European News: Dr.Kelly ; France re. Constitution, K.Livingstone, German Dresden Holocaust

Arts Reviews: Lightsilver ,Beaconsfield ,Final Show ; Hollywood deconstructed;Sex Age and the last Caste,L Taub ; McLibel ; Axum Obelisk ; Looted Assets

Master Musicians of Joujouka and Mohamed Hamri by Frank Rynne

Doc Jazz : A Surgeon in Netherlands

Lucien Freud, The Paradox by J.Braddell

Palestine: Daniel Day-Lewis writes from Gaza, + Jordan Valley to be sealed off for Israel

Hannah and the Rabbis for Human Rights; The Protocols of London, Gilad Atzmon

Israeli Grandmothers take on the Police to see the Law is Enforced...LilyGalili

Conscientious Objection intro for Adolescents

The Prisoners in Israel

There Is No Peace Process There Never Was, and Poem: Israel Rules by G.Cora Frazer,

Can Americans Save America from Israel? Abid Ullah Jan

Petra, Syria, 1812

The Pope Damaged the Church and Countless Catholics, Terry Eagleton

Defending Professor Joseph Massad and his Statement re. Accusations.

AUT Academic Boycott of Israeli Universities neglects to debate the USA's Thought Police , Who is Daniel Pipes?

(NEW)Dr.Ilan Pappe Interview, Alone on the Barricades by Meron Rapoport

Marla Ruzicka was uncovering US Military Accountability Records of Iraq Citizens Killed.+ Campaign to Abolish USA's DU Arsenal, Prof.F.Boyle and Dr.DRokke.PhD

Current Situation in Fallujah

Fire and Rage in the Shadow of AbuGhraib,Rory Caroll,Observer

Horror of Depleted Uranium Not Confined to Iraq

Journalism Reports: New York Times biased reports, Alison Weir ; Taliban clandestine radio ; Kurd journalists killed Iraq ; Zimbabwe elections validated ;

Chelsea Hotel Manhattan, by Joe Ambrose

Evehema and Banyacya ; A century under the eyes of two Hopi Indians

Fibre;Culture: Simon Schama attempts to murder history? By Craig Bellamy


Irish News;Inistioge and Arts etc.

Doremus Observes

Paranoia by Norman Solomon

The Mythology of People Power, J.Laughland,Guardian

U.S Militarism, Global instability and Environmental Destruction Richard Wilcox.

Disaster Capitalism, Naomi Klein

The Invisible hand of the US Government in the Financial Markets, Robert Bell

Who Will They Tell Us To Hate Next?, Tom Blair

Cuba, Saul Landau interviews Vice President Alarcon, Znet text.

Science; Public action in lieu of absent Political Action ?, Science versus Democracy. ISIS Press Releases

Water Reports:Damning Evidence of Human Interference,RKhamsi, Science

Word of God

TallTales for Women

Anti-War Web Ring
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