MAY 2005

Convolutions of History hint at the outline of Patterns and the Repeat of Cycles and Events

Can Americans save America from Israel? 

By Abid Ullah Jan

Al-Jazeerah, April 7, 2005


Many wonder if there would ever be a world Ruling State which will engage in more crimes against humanity than the United States under the influence of Zionists and neo-cons.

The answer is yes. It will be the Greater Israel, which will replace the US as a Ruling State and in the process cross all limits of crimes against humanity that human beings could ever imagine.

The next question that comes to mind is: how will it happen?
The answer is not difficult provided we look at the global, regional and local affairs in a holistic manner in the context of related historical facts.

For example those who could manage to think outside the box of “mainstream” media, came to consider the events of 9/11 a replica of the Reichstage Fire, when the German Parliament Building (the Reichstag) was burnt down on 27 February 1933 with the objective of a crack down against the perceived enemies within the German state.

However, this is not enough. 9/11 was not staged solely for total internal control. The neo-cons dominated administration, however, has taken full advantage of the event towards this end as well.

A deep analysis reveals that the game plan for 9/11 was far deeper and more sinister that the Reichstage Fire. To understand this we will have to go a littler deeper in history.

Like the 9/11 terrorist act and the subsequent declaration of war and occupation of two Muslim countries, an act of terrorism in the summer of 1914 in the city of Sarajevo led Austria-Hungary to declare war on Russia.

The terrorist act then was the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary . The perpetrator was a Serb. However, the footprints that were left led to Russia . Whoever planned the assassination wanted Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia which was, indirectly, no less than a war on Russia . 9/11 is a much simple, classic replication of this game plan.

Just like real objective of the perpetrators of 9/11, the motives behind the assassination of Franz Ferdinand were difficult for a common man to understand. Apparently the extreme Serb nationalists regarded Franz Ferdinand with fear because he advocated concessions to the South Slav minority on Austro-Hungary.

JUST LIKE GOING TO IRAQ ! REMEMBER?? : 1914,It was with a spirit of light-hearted optimism and exuberant enthusiasm that Britain and her Empire went to war. It would be exciting; it would be good for business; and the boys would be home by Christmas. They did not know that four years of death and destruction lay ahead in a war revolutionized by high explosive shells, rapid-firing machine guns, poison gas, mighty dreadnoughts, stealthy submarines, and airplanes. Nor did they know that it would destroy virtually a whole generation of young men.

Early in February 1915 the 1st Canadian Division reached France, and was introduced to trench warfare by veteran British troops. Following this brief training they took over four miles of line in the Armenti6res sector. Faced with the realities of dirt, disease and death their illusions of military glory quickly disappeared.

Like Osama’s discontent with the US policies and subsequent declaration of military Jihad against the US, the Black Hand (a Serbian secret society headed by 'Apis', a shadowy figure who was also chief of the Serbian military intelligence) felt the Franz suggested concessions might detract from Serbia's position as a rallying point for South Slav discontent and as the nucleus of a future South Slav state.

Thus, just as the blame of 9/11 was pinned on Al-Qaeda within minutes of the 9/11 attack, the Black Hand had become the natural, undisputed culprit. The perpetrators behind Franz assassination knew full well that the crime could not go unchallenged if Austria-Hungary was to continue as a great power. Serbia was the protégé of Russian and no one could rule out Russia ’s coming forward in defense of Serbia . Again, this fits well with the plans of the culprits of 9/11. The US reaction was inevitable and with the license it got, more wars and more occupations can be justified. The US occupation of Afghanistan is still considered perfectly legitimate.

So the real objective behind 9/11 was not the collapse of the WTCs and destruction of Pentagon, which simple planes cannot do anyway. The real objective was to initiate the process that would lead to the collapse of the United States and elimination of every power base and any hope of unity in the Muslim world.

Look at this in the light of the events of early 20th century. The real target of Franz’s assassination in 1914 was not Russia but the ally of Russia : the Great Britain – the then United States . The Ottoman Islamic State was the other target. It had to be destroyed and Britain had to do the job of destruction during the process of its losing the Ruling State status.

A deeper look reveals that both early 20th and early 21st century circumstances are planned and exploited in such a way that one leads to the creation of Israel and the other to the consolidation of it. In both cases, the world Ruling States have to act in a manner that are self-destructive.

It was obvious that like Austria-Hungary , the attack on the US would not go unchallenged if the US was to continue as a great power. Thus, as a result of its actions against Muslim countries, not only will the Muslim power and hopes of a united approach to world affairs diminish considerably, but will also drain and alienate the US completely in the process. It would thus pave the way for another power to replace it as a Ruling State .

This game plan today is pretty straightforward compared to what was planned in the early 20th century. When Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia , Britain and France promptly entered the war in support of Russia , and Germany responded by entering the war in support of Austria-Hungary .

The way the UK Lost it

The plan behind the event of the assassination of Franz was to weaken the British economy through war so that Britain would eventually lose its status as the Ruling State in the world and would be replaced by another State.

The perpetrators of the act of terrorism were so cunning that they were able to simultaneously attack the Ottoman not-so-Islamic state. That State was not Islamic in its true sense but it still constituted a formidable obstacle to the “liberation” of the Holy Land , the return of the Jews to the Holy Land , and the restoration of the State of Israel.

The best possible way of removing that obstacle was war. And so the Ottoman’s Empire was forced, by way of skillful internal intrigue, to enter the war in support of Germany . Britain was then eventually used for attacking and destroying not only the Ottoman’s not-so-Islamic State, but most importantly, the hopes of reforming and establishing the real Islamic Caliphate.

And so 1916 changed the course of the war and eventually delivered victory to the USA , Britain and the Zionists. Not only was Germany defeated but, more importantly, the Ottoman empire was effectively dismembered and in its place emerged the secular State of Turkey which is touted as a model for the rest of the Muslim world.

Indeed the secular leadership of Turkey promptly negotiated an offensive and defensive alliance with the same Britain that had played the leading role in the dismemberment of the Ottoman empire . But Britain was so devastated by the war that the USA replaced Britain as the Ruling State in the world.

The US taking the reigns of Ruling State in hands was confirmed during the period between the two world wars and then after the Second World War. For example, during the Second World War it was an American General, Dwight Eisenhower, who led the allied troops. Then in 1944 the Bretton Woods conference on the establishment of a new international monetary system delivered a convincing statement on Britain ’s new diminished status when it selected the US dollar as the new international currency replacing the Sterling pound.

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank replaced the Bank of England as the premier financial institutions in the world. And Washington replaced London as the financial capital of the world thus controlling the money of the world. After the war was over it was USA that had to rebuild the British and European economies through the Marshall Plan. In the 1956 Suez crisis and again in the Cuban missile crisis of 1961, the USA convincingly demonstrated its new status as the Ruling State in the world.

The way the US is losing it: Obsession with Israel

The US is as much strangely obsessed with the Holy land as was Britain as the Ruling State in the world (e.g., the Balfour Declaration). The British people were themselves incapable of explaining this strange obsession. So too are the Americans: totally incapable of explaining the administration’s strange obsession with Israel . The USA was the first State in the world to ‘recognize’ the new State of Israel when it declared its independence in 1948, and it is the last standing by it in defense of all its crimes and defiance of all international laws and norms of decency.

Just like the present American thinking, in the British strategic thinking, the Zionists appeared as a potential ally capable of safeguarding British imperial interests in the region.

Furthermore, as British war prospects dimmed throughout 1917, the War Cabinet calculated that supporting a Jewish entity in Palestine would mobilize America 's influential Jewish community to support United States intervention in the war and sway the large number of Jewish Bolsheviks who participated in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution to keep Russia in the war.

Presently, the situation is totally different from the times when the US was using Israel as a gangster for bullying others in the region, particularly during the cold war era when Egypt , Syria , Iraq and others fell into the lap of Soviet Union .

The situation at the time of British obsession with Zionists was very much different. Fears were voiced in the Foreign Office that if Britain did not come out in favor of a Jewish entity in Palestine the Germans would preempt them. Finally, both Lloyd George and Balfour were devout Christians, the 20th century British neo-cons, who attached great religious significance to the proposed reinstatement of the Jews in their ancient homeland.

According to the pro-Zionist accounts, “Lloyd George, Smuts, and Balfour comprise but a sampling of the many Christian Zionists in British circles who were motivated by biblical concerns.”[1] A secular historian concludes, "Biblical prophecy was the first and most enduring of the many motives that led Britons to want to restore the Jews to Zion " (David Fromkin, A Peace to End All Peace, p. 298).

The negotiations for a Jewish entity were carried out by Chaim Weizmann, who greatly impressed Balfour and maintained important links with the British media. In support of the Zionist cause, his protracted and skillful negotiations with the Foreign (ALLENBY) Office were climaxed on November 2, 1917 , by the letter from the foreign secretary to Lord Rothschild, which became known as the Balfour Declaration. This document declared the British government's "sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations," viewed with favor "the establishment in Palestine of a National Home for the Jewish People," and announced an intent to facilitate the achievement of this objective.

Since 1948, the USA has acted as the chief Patron of Israel ‘through thick and through thin’! The USA has provided Israel with massive financial, economic and military aid. In fact the total aid to Israel almost exceeds the total US aid to the rest of the world. Some of the US aid has gone to Israel through the US government but a substantial amount of aid has also gone from USA to Israel through Jews who are resident in USA . In so far as military aid is concerned some has gone through the ‘front door’ and some through the ‘back door’ (the case of Jonathan Pollard who passed on to Israel US nuclear secrets is the most well known). As a consequence, Israel became a nuclear and a thermo-nuclear power on par with the nuclear States in the world.

Jordanian King Assassinated on the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount remained in the headlines. In 1951 King Abdullah of Transjordan was assassinated at the entrance of the El Aksa Mosque. A bullet-scarred pillar just inside the entrance serves as a reminder of the event. His youngest son, King Hussein, took over his rule at the age of seventeen. It was his grandson, King Hussein, who was the first person to full lift restrictions to non-Muslims to visit the Enclosures and the interior of the Dome of the Rock and the El-Aksa Mosque.

The US financial holocaust to come

Coming to the point as to how would Israel pull the rug from under the feet of its patron in chief: the United States , we observe that the current monetary system uses ‘paper’ to make ‘money’. That is a manifest fraud! Artificial money is quite different from real money.

On July 1 1944 , as part of what became known as the Bretton Woods Agreement, the American government gave its word to the American people and to the world that in exchange for $35 US paper dollars, the American government would hand over an ounce of real gold. That was the promise that gave the American paper dollar its value!! In fact, the vast warehouse of gold stored at Fort Knox came to be acknowledged and accepted as the tangible proof of that promise. The world had to trust ever since, that the US government would not print any more paper money than there was real wealth to redeem the bills. That is the understanding and the promise upon which the value of American paper money has been based.[2]

However, neither the government (the elite), nor the media (the elite) saw fit to make it clear to the American people that the real wealth and value (upon which the American paper money was based), was systematically being removed!

As long as a gold coin is made of gold, it can theoretically be taken to any other country in the world and melted down for the value of the gold it contains. However, while the US government has exercised exclusive control over the minting of coins, they have slowly devalued the currency by minting coins which looked somewhat the same, but which contained less of the precious metal than they were supposed to contain. Now the majority of coins in America have scrap metal value only. The dimes, for example, are no longer made of silver, the quarters are now made of sandwiched alloys. In other words, over time, the real value of coins has been stolen!! In case you are wondering, the gold and silver that used to be in the coins has not disappeared or corroded, it's weighing down the Swiss vaults like never before.

During the Vietnam war, there were over 500,000 military personnel that had to be fed, housed, paid, hospitalized and entertained while they weren't busy dropping expensive bombs, and chemicals on a barefoot peasant population. This was indeed a very costly war. But the American elite simply spent, and spent and spent. Of course the elite knew that the American people would have cut off funds for the war if they had been given an opportunity to do so. Instead, the elite used the treasury's printing presses to pay for the Vietnam War. The American government secretly printed as much paper money as it wanted or needed to carry on the War. Eventually, foreign bankers, who suspected this might have been going on (i.e. that paper money was being printed without actually creating the real wealth to redeem it), called America 's bluff by demanding to redeem their American paper dollars for actual gold.

Finally, the US refused to redeem 35 American paper dollars for an ounce of real gold!! The deceit had at last been exposed.

Real money thus has intrinsic value, while paper money has none. Its only value is that conferred upon it by market forces. Its market value will last only for as long as, and to the extent that, there is public confidence in it and demand for it in the market.

Demand is itself based on confidence, and confidence is something that can be manipulated (as Malaysia ’s Prime Minister has now recognized, and as Indonesia has recognized too late).

So long as governments controlled the so-called free-currency markets, they could intervene to protect public confidence. But the currency market is now controlled by the most vicious of all speculative forces, forces fuelled by compelling greed with no loyalties. Anything that seriously disturbs market confidence will cause the speculative stampede and deflate the bubbles of the so-considered great economies.

The collapse of money in what may best be described as a ‘money meltdown’, will witness the final success of the Zionists to rule over the whole world. Those who have real money will survive the meltdown, while those speculators who successfully exploit the collapse will make the greatest profits ever. The masses will lose their wealth and be enslaved. They will be caught with worthless paper parading as money. That is the financial holocaust that is certain to occur.

Many observers are now predicting that financial meltdown.[3] Judy Shelton, for example, uses it as the very title of her excellent book entitled: “Money Meltdown: Restoring Order to the Global Currency System.” (New York, The Free Press, 1994). We should not forget, nor allow the world to forget, the dramatic, ominous, and unprecedented collapse of the US dollar in January 1980 when the value of the dollar relative to gold fell to approximately $850 for one ounce! (In 1971 it was $35 an ounce. Its present ‘managed’ value is kept within the range of $280 - $380 per once.)[4]

This collapse of the dollar took place in the immediate wake of the successful anti-Western Islamic revolution in Iran that gave control of the vast oil resources of Iran to an anti-systemic Islamic government. A similar collapse occurred in 1973 just after the Arab-Israeli war and the imposition of an Arab oil embargo on USA . The US dollar fell in value by a massive 400% from US$40 for an ounce of gold to US$160.


The collapse of the International Monetary System would occur when the Zionists consider it opportune to bring down the US dollar. They can do that at any time since the US dollar made of paper is manifestly fraudulent since it is essentially worthless. When the US dollar collapses it will bring down all other paper currencies in the world. The major beneficiary of that collapse will be the State of Israel, since it is those who control banks who would now control money. Governments will no longer be able to issue money. Rather it is banks that would now issue plastic (i.e., electronic) money!

That money-meltdown will, perhaps, take place when Israel launches its major war against the Arabs and then successfully defies the entire world. That successful display of military and political power together with the new financial control that comes with the collapse of paper-money would deliver to Israel the status of being the Ruling State in the world. This writer believes that that event is likely to take place within the next five to ten years or even earlier. Already Israel has successfully defied the President of USA who demanded on several occasions that Israel withdraw her military forces from Palestinian towns she occupied after a wave of Palestinian ‘human bombs’ took a heavy toll of Israeli lives.

An Israel which is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of nuclear weapons seems destined to exploit the Palestinian Intifada and the September 11th attack on America (which created conditions favorable for Israel) with a war in which Israel will defy USA, Europe, the UN, and all the rest of the world, to take control of the entire region in which it is located.

That Israeli war is likely to witness the expansion of the territory of Israel to that promised in the Torah, i.e., from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates . With success in that act of defiance of the entire world, including USA , and with the predictable collapse of the US dollar and US economy, Euro-Israel would finally have graduated from dependency, first on the British and then USA . The Euro-Israeli State would finally replace the USA and Britain as a military and financial super-power of the world.[5]

It is up to Americans to think of ways to save the United States of America from becoming a client state to what they consider is a client state of America : Israel .

Turning a blind eye to Israel’s spying on America;[6] selling American military secrets to America's enemies;[7] pirating America's technology;[8] illegally stockpiling weapons of mass destruction;[9] attacking an American naval vessel in international waters and standing by and letting Americans be killed[10] is one thing. But replacing the US as a Ruling State is totally anther. And most importantly, this time around the transition would not be as smooth as the US replaced Britain as the Ruling State in the last century.

That Israel is replacing the US as a Ruling State is happening right before the eyes of the Americans. People with vision and no personal stakes are telling the Americans the truth,[11] but they seem as helpless as the British looked during the last days of their waning empire.

Abid Ullah Jan is the author of "The End of Democracy" and "A War on Islam?"


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Jews held over Jerusalem 'bombs' There are fears ultra-sensitive sites could be attacked

Israeli police have arrested two Jews suspected of planting fake bombs in Jerusalem to try to disrupt plans to pull settlers out of the Gaza Strip.

The pair were caught after leaving a backpack rigged with wires, police said.

The arrests come amid heightened fears that right-wing activists will step up attempts to sabotage the withdrawal.

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said the men who were arrested belonged to an outlawed ultra-nationalist group, Kahane Chai.

A section of this tour's lecture discusses how the 1976 Lebanese Civil War was ignited. After the Yom Kippur War, Henry Kissinger (CFR) shuttled between Damascus and Jerusalem to find a way to end hostilities. Syria's Assad insisted on getting the Golan Heights and Rabin refused him. So Kissinger came up with a really cute solution to the impasse. Syria also coveted Lebanon. Things would be arranged so it would get Lebanon instead. The CIA's operatives blew up a bus full of Christian children, the war was on and Syria came in as peacemakers.
        I ask the audience, "Do you really believe the Syrians blew up Rafik Hariri last month? If they really wanted him dead, they'd have done it quietly, not blow up Beirut's hotel district. And how did the American government know within minutes of the blast that Syria was behind it? They're back fomenting another civil war in Lebanon, which may spread to Syria.
       "What worries me more was the terror attack on the Tel Aviv nightclub a few days later. Within seconds, the Israeli government blamed Syria. How could it have known that 30 seconds after the attack? I can imagine a meeting where a compromise was reached. Yes, we'll give you one attack but not with big casualties. Have him detonate half an hour before the club opens."
        An Israeli talked to me after the lecture. He reported, "My friend is in the police. He told me that the police were told that an attack would take place two hours before it did. They knew it was going to happen."
       "So," I asked, "Why wasn't it stopped?"
       "I don't know and either does my friend. They didn't even go into high alert."