MARCH 2004

New Unabridged Israeli Dictionary

By Edna Yaghi

The following terms are designed to provide a greater insight into rephrasing a language, giving it a depth of new meanings and taking propaganda to a place it has never been before.

General terminology

1. art of the possible - Israeli politics based on the ideology that Palestinians must at all costs continue to be the victims of Israeli expediency.

2. centre - midway between advocating the genocide of Palestinians or only killing a portion of them.

3. centrist - an Israeli who believes in killing some but not necessarily all Palestinians.

4. checkpoints - places where Palestinians are stopped on their own land. And humiliated and "inspected" by Israeli soldiers.

5. civil rights - fundamental protections and individual freedoms enjoyed by all citizens under the Israeli constitution EXCEPT and UNLESS they are Palestinian.

6. closures and blockades - the act of sealing off one Palestinian area from another and the prevention of supplies being distributed.

7. collective punishment - Israeli mass punishment meted out to ALL Palestinians because they dare to resist the Israeli occupation.

8. diplomacy - the skill in managing negotiations, a skill Israelis manage best at gunpoint.

9. domestic - relating to political affairs carried on within Eretz Israel and includes the belief that Israelis are far, far, far superior to gentiles.

10. establishment - Israeli ruling class and institutions by which Israel maintains its existing disorder in its own society exclusive of Palestinians.

11. franchise - the right to vote on how to liquidate Palestinians; reserved for Israeli Jews only.

12. freedom of speech - reserved for Israeli Jews only. Any Palestinian daring to say what he/she believes in will be dealt with brute force to silence them.

13. free enterprise - Israeli freedom to crush Palestinian economy and lives.

14. free thought - reserved for Israeli Jews only. Palestinians guilty of engaging in this activity will be severely punished.

15. geopolitics - how to exterminate or drive out the indigenous population of Palestine.

16. hard line - brute force, excessive punishment, shoot-to-kill and then complain to the world that Israelis are the victims of Palestinian violence.

17. ideology - Israeli socio-political theories and programmes bent on the liquidation of Palestinians and the best means of achieving it.

18. independence - freedom from political control or domination by othersa taboo word for Palestinians.

19. iron hand - how Israelis deal with Palestinian babies who dare to play in the street.

20. laissez-faire - the idea that all Israelis should be free to shoot and kill as many Palestinians as they wish to.

21. liberalism - belief in personal liberty and autonomy, progress and government aid to Israeli Jews only, and never to Palestinians.

22. liberation - to free Israel from Palestinians.

23. liberty - freedom to exercise various rights, especially the choice of one's government and individual freedoms, but not meant for Palestinians.

24. national socialism - neo-Nazis, Israelis.(note images on tank, reverse and place back to back)

25. neo-Fascism - the Israeli platform.

26. New Left - movement advocating radical political and social change or, in other words, getting rid of the Palestinians.

27. New Right - movement advocating conservative social values and nationalistic foreign policy or, in other words, it is OK to kill some but not all Palestinians.

28. non-partisan - holding views to liquidate Palestinians without regard to a party or party platform.

29. oppression - unfair, harsh exercise of authority and highly recommended by Israeli government in treatment of Palestinians.

30. patriotism - love of one's country and loyalty to its government -- reserved for Israeli Jews only. Palestinians found guilty of patriotism will be executed.

31. political science - the study of how to lie about Palestinian history and convince the world that Palestine was always Israeli.

32. power elite - Israelis wielding inordinate political power over the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine.

33. proportional representation - system in which each party is represented in legislature in proportion to its percentage of its electorate with the exception of the Palestinians.

34. reactionary - holding ultra-conservative views (increase settlements, decrease Palestinian population) that firmly support the status quo and advocate suppression of those favouring change (Palestinians).

Criminal terminology

1. aggravated assault - when a child throws a stone at a heavily armed Israeli soldier.

2. battery - the lawful beating or physical violence against Palestinians.

3. breaking and entering - what Israeli soldiers do in the wee hours of the night in Palestinian homes.

4. brutality - the more meted out against the Palestinians the better.

5. capital crime - when a Palestinian child throws a stone at an armoured tank. Not a capital crime - when an Israeli soldier murders a Palestinian infant.

6. concealment - how to cover up Israeli atrocities.

7. condemned - the sentence of all Palestinians by the Israeli government.

8. connivance - when Americans and other Western countries aid in Israeli illegal acts, thereby consenting to them.

9. crime - throwing a stone.

10. delict - encouraged acts by Israelis against Palestinians such as the Palestinian Holocaust and the confiscation of Palestinian towns, homes and land.

11. disorderly conduct - when a Palestinian breathes.

12. extortion - act of taking away Palestinian property by trickery or fraud but considered honourable in the eyes of Israeli governments.

13. graft - bribery, especially of a public official, a practice rampant in Israel where most of the leaders are known killers of Palestinians.

14. involuntary manslaughter - wilful killing of Palestinians but judged as criminal negligence.

15. lawbreaker - a Palestinian child wielding a stone.

16. lawless - all Israeli soldiers.

17. malfeasance - act of which all Israeli leaders are guilty.

18. misdemeanour - when an Israeli kills Palestinians.

19. offence - when Palestinians are guilty of living.

Military terminology

1. act of war - when a child dares to confront an Israeli tank.

2. aggression - normal routine of suppressing Palestinians.

3. air raid - often done by Israelis when Palestinians are asleep.

4. ally - all the world with Israelis against Palestinians.

5. barricade - obstacles across roadways to prevent Palestinians moving from one place to another.

6. bloodbath - how considerate Israelis bathe Palestinians.

7. containment - policy and actions to prevent Palestinians from venturing outside their homes.

8. deployment - positioning of Israeli troops on Palestinian hilltops in readiness to shoot and kill.

9. enemy - Palestinian babies.

10. laws of war - universal ethical guidelines governing basic conduct of forces towards enemies in wartime -- something the Israeli army never adheres to.

11. massacre - what the Israeli army does every day to Palestinians.

12. sabre rattling - show or threat of Israeli military force used to intimidate Palestinians.

13. show of force - intentional display of Israeli military strength to deter babies from playing in thestreet.

14. security - Israeli excuses to massacre Palestinians.

15. spasm warfare - brief, cataclysmic conflict that uses all forces and resources without regard to consequences to civilian Palestinian population.

16. trench warfare - when Israelis dig trenches in order to further isolate and strangulate Palestinian cities and villages from one another.

17. unconventional warfare - what Israelis do that defies logic.

18. war crimes - unethical, criminal behaviour and actions contrary to laws of war. All Israeli leaders are rewarded for their war crimes.
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Edna Yaghi is an American freelance writer specializing in social and political affairs in the Middle East