APRIL 2004

When an insect falls in a cup of coffee

- The English : "will not drink what they consider a distgusting cup of coffee and leave the coffee shop"
- The American : "will simply asks the waiter another cup of coffee"
- The Mexican : "will pull out the insect from the cup and drink the coffee"
- The Chinese : "will eat the insect and throw the cup of coffee"
- The starving Palestinian besieged in the church of Bethleem : "will drink the coffee and eat the insect"
- The Zionist :
* sells the coffee to the American and the insect to the Chinese,
* shouts loudly and announces around the world that his security is in danger,
* pretends that Hizbollah, the Syrians, the Iraqis and the Iranians have planned broad attacks  with "massive insects of destruction",
* tells this vicious story about the Palestinians : that they strike a blow at Human Rights, antisemitism, Holocaust, diaspora, Exodus, and discrimination of the Arch of Noah,...
* asks PLO leader Arafat to immediately stop all insects flying and landing in coffee cups,
* re-occupies the 20% of the West Bank and Gaza that the ITF (Israelis Terror Force) have not yet "officially occupied", razes Palestinian houses, cuts electricity and water, humiliates and terrorizes civilians, kills, massacres or mutilates whoever is on his path,
* imposes a sharp increase of American tax-payer financial aid,
* requests also the American tax-payer to pay a billion dollars to buy another cup of coffee,
* asks the coffee shop owner, as an indemnity, a free cup of coffee, every day, for life.