APRIL 2004

..Respected Readers, I regret this edition ofThe Handstand is somewhat limited, especially as the apalling events are revealing the ever increasing revelations of politically criminal or corporate associations which are causing the maximum deterioration of public trust in these cohorts of politicians parading in the press as the rulers of the world.,and who, more seriously still, are causing death and devastation to innocent people on a sinister scale that is beyond ordinary comprehension. Wether you obtain a satisfactory general knowlege and some detail of the breaking wave of news from readings here, that has been and continues to be my ambition. At the moment I have a bout of pneumonia after taking an unwise shortcut, tumbling in the mud and persisting in a long day's walking! When I have got myself out of this swamp of sweating I will hope to amplify this edition as originally planned ,jocelyn braddell,ed.
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
By Gilad Atzmon

Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was murdered at daybreak on Monday. Israel Air Force helicopters fired missiles at the car carrying the wheelchair-bound head of the Islamic group as he left a mosque near his house in Gaza City. It also appears Ariel Sharon was in direct command of the assassination operation, not entirely surprising considering his bloody history.

For those who fail to realise, today's barbaric Israeli act is an open call for a world war. It is the final wake up call for every Muslim around the world. It is violent proof that Israel isn't only against the Palestinians but rather against Islam. Israel killed a prime spiritual leader on his way out of the mosque. I have no doubt that this Israeli act won't be forgiven. I also have no doubt that many Israelis will pay with their life for Sharon's act. Moreover I am sure that sooner rather than later many innocent non-Israelis around the world will die just for being near by an Israeli embassy, Israeli consulate, a synagogue or even an American bank...  This is the reality Sharon favours the most.

This is exactly what Israel wants: to turn the entire  world into a victim of terror.  This might help us to realise the main difference between the Israeli left and right. While both believe in the right of the Jews to live in Zion on the expense of the Palestinian people, the Israeli right wing rely on maintaining a bloody struggle, oppressing the Palestinian  people (in particular) and humiliating Arabs (in general). While the Israeli left would attempt to come up with some unrealistic righteous suggestions to appease the Palestinian people and the world community (Oslo accord for instance), the right wing Israelis will suggest that the only method to guarantee Israeli security is to maintain the conflict with the Palestinian people and to let it escalate into an international battle.

 On the surface it seems bizarre considering Sharon  was just recently pretending to suggest a plan of  Israeli disengagement from the Gaza strip. Today he gave us a real chance to peep into his mind. The 'disengagement plan' was just another of Sharon's tricks. In fact, Sharon and the Israeli right wing need the Palestinians, they need them oppressed and humiliated, they need their terror. Israeli right wing hegemony is fed by terror. And now there is a new need emerging. Israel is facing a demographic disaster. Within five years there will be a Palestinian majority in the territories controlled by Israel (between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River). This is literally the end of the Zionist dream. Eventually Israel will have to give away its Jewish identity. While the Israeli left remains confused about this reality, the Israeli right wing is fully prepared. For years Israeli warmongers have openly discussed 'transfer': the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Considering the current world affairs and general opposition to Israel it is hard to believe that large scale ethnic cleansing would go ahead unless some colossal catastrophe was in place. Sharon is preparing the ground for such a disaster. He needs a war, a big one, something that will allow him to go wild, to go out of control, to initiate campaign in which Israeli soldiers will become murderous squads ready massacre against the Palestinian civilians. Sharon wants to re-launch the 1948 Nakba. Sharon fully understands that this is what the Israeli public want. He is very good at reading their innermost desires.

The killing of Sheikh Yassin pushed the violence far beyond any recognisable measure. It is pushing the Palestinian masses towards martyrdom. According to the Israeli military doctrine, Israel would never be defeated by terror. But at the same time every Israeli realises that the Zionist adventure will
be categorically defeated by a demographic crisis.  The assassination of Sheikh Yassin is there to push the Palestinians towards acts that will allow the Israelis to impose the most murderous measures against the Palestinian civilians. Mr Sharon, a world acclaimed war criminal and serial murderer proved again that at least when blood games are concerned, he is one step ahead of the game.
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Assassinat du Cheikh
Ahmad Yassine


Assassinat du Cheikh
Ahmad Yassine

Communiqué de l'AFPEC

Le 22 mars 2004

L’assassinat criminel du Cheikh Ahmad Yassine à sa sortie de la prière à l’aube du lundi 22 mars à Gaza représente une volonté délibérée de la part de l’État d’Israël d’embraser toute la région, mettant ainsi fin à toute tentative de règlement pacifique du conflit. La guerre est délibérément lancée par le chef de guerre multi-criminel Sharon avec le soutien ouvert des États Unis d’Amérique.

On peut désormais s’attendre au pire !

Cet assassinat a été condamné « sans réserve » par la France et qualifié « d’exécution extrajudiciaire » par l’Europe ; mais encore une fois la France et l’Europe se montrent obligés de respecter la ligne jaune tracée par l’administration américaine. Ni la France ni l’Europe n’ont exigé l’envoi d’une force de protection du peuple palestinien !

Il est encore temps que la communauté internationale se rende compte qu’il en va de la paix dans le monde entier, et que permettre à un État terroriste et voyou d’exercer impunément ces crimes ne peuvent en aucun cas servir la cause de la paix ni celle de l’entente entre les peuples. La loi de « deux poids – deux mesures » n’est susceptible que de créer un sentiment profond d’injustice qui finit par se retourner contre ses auteurs. En outre, qualifier la résistance d’un peuple sous occupation de terrorisme finit par justifier le vrai terrorisme.

L’AFPEC, constatant l’extrême urgence de la situation,  invite ses adhérents et sympathisants et tout citoyen épris de pais et de justice à se rassembler mercredi 24 mars à 18h30 devant le Ministère des Affaires étrangères à Paris, pour exiger :

I- L'envoi immédiat d'une force internationale de protection du peuple palestinien ;

II- L'application des résolutions de l'ONU et le respect du droit humanitaire international ; notamment la 4ème convention de Genève ;

III- La fin inconditionnelle de l'occupation, jugée illégale par l'ONU

IV- L'établissement d'un Etat palestinien souverain ;

V- La suspension de l'accord d'association UE - Israël, en application de son deuxième article ;

VI- La déclaration du multi-criminel Sharon Persona non grata en France.

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Hamas after Sheikh Yassin
by Ghassan Andoni -IMEMC-Analysis

By assassinating Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder and the spiritual leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the movement is expected to be more dominated by hardliners, militants, and radicals. Yassin, who enjoyed no official position in the movement, was to Hamas what President Yasser Arafat was to the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah); the leader, the symbol, and more important the figure around whom the movement united. While the prominent official positions in Hamas were mostly occupied by the "outside leadership", the weight and influence of Yassin moved the center of Hamas's decision making into the Palestinian Occupied territories.
Yassin, as he stood to the side of the Moderate Hamas leaders, managed to force a cease-fire agreement with the Palestinian Authority against the well of Khaled Mashal, the head of Hamas political bureau and his strong ally in Gaza Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al- Rantisi.
The assassination of the moderate Hamas leader Ismael Abu-Shanab three months aga, presented a major blow to the moderate and pragmatic camp in Hamas. Abu-Shanab and Ismael Hanyeh, a close aid of Sheikh Yassin, headed the pragmatic camp in Hamas. Both saw a great value in establishing closer coordination with the Palestinian authority and lobbied for a cease-fire to cool down the conflict, at least temporarily.
The "moderate" camp in Hamas was more focused on the national interests of Palestinians than the needs of the global Islamic revolution.
With the assassination of Yassin, the moderate wing lost its protective shield and the door was opened for the hard- line "outside" leadership to posses more power and the "inside" hardliners to gain more control. Was that the political aim of the ones who planned and approved the killing of the wheel-chaired Sheikh?
Was the aim to intervene in the internal struggle within the Islamic movement, hoping from Hamas to become more radical and more global?

march 11th

Marzo 10, 2004

La CPI registró hace una semana como "conforme a derecho" la denuncia contra Aznar por crímenes de guerra

El escrito representa a 13.500 periodistas y artistas y también acusa al presidente de crimenes de lesa humanidad y un crímen de agresión

Marzo 11, 2004

Comunicado ante los atentados en Madrid

Madrid 11 marzo 2004

Consternadas por el brutal atentado de esta mañana, conmovidos por el salvajismo del acto terrorista perpetrado contra ciudadanos que acudían pacíficamente a su trabajo. Nos solidarizamos en primer lugar con las victimas y familiares de las mismas y con todo el pueblo de Madrid poniéndonos a su disposición y servicio. Repudiamos y nos movilizamos contra el terror y contra la ruptura de la convivencia democrática y llamamos a apoyar y acudir masivamente a todos las convocatorias que contra el criminal atentado se realicen y de forma especial llamamos a

  • Secundar el paro de 15 minutos convocado por las centrales sindicales CCOO y UGT. Para mañana viernes día 12
  • Participar en la manifestación de repudio convocada el mismo viernes a las 19 horas Este atentado es también un ataque directo a la democracia en uno de sus momentos mas importantes: la campaña electoral. Los terroristas atacan el derecho a la libre decisión de los ciudadanos introduciendo el miedo y el temor en el proceso electoral. Llamamos a la más amplia respuesta democrática de la ciudadanía movilizándonos contra el terror y participando masivamente en las elecciones del 14 de marzo demostrando que la voluntad democrática de un pueblo no pede ser torcida ni por el chantaje ni por el terror.

Plataforma Cultura contra la Guerra
Foro Social de Madrid
Asociación No Nos Resignamos
Coordinadora de ONGDs
Unión de Actores de Madrid.
Transcrito por Alfonso Martin a las 03:41 PM

from letters to BBC

Here in Spain, we smell a rat. This is not the normal ETA way. They are so closely watched, the authorities here know exactly who and where the vast majority of ETA activists are. This bears all the hallmarks of something else. Spain is sadly not as well informed by her intelligence services as perhaps the UK or USA, nor do they commit the resources they could to this fight...Marbella
I bring to you a bull's heart for courage in desperate situations.El Spanido, MadridA
There is a baby in hospital whose father cannot be found and whose mother is critical, there is a pregnant woman among the dead, there are injured school children, grandmothers, grandfathers, university students, in short, ordinary men and woman, both nationals and foreigners... What have all these people done to deserve this? There are no words to express the terrible pain and there is no justification for this horrible criminal act which has devastated so, so many families.
K Simón, Almería, Spain

"The dead and injured are overwhelmingly working-class people and students. Dozens of immigrants are among the injured, the majority of them Moroccans ; and Equadorians - the largest Latin American colony in Madrid."


Baby Hiba beside her dead mother Dalal Al-Sabagh, who was killed by Israeli occupation soldiers during their unprovoked raid on the Palestinian occupied city of Jenin yesterday. (Assafir, 3/11/04).

A young Palestinian mother was shot dead today as she tried to usher her children to safety when Israel began intensive raids into the West Bank city of Jenin. Witnesses said twenty three year old Dalal Sabaa was on the roof of her house in the eastern neighborhood of the city when an Israeli sniper killed her with one shot to the head. Among her other children, Dalal leaves behind a one month old baby.

ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCE use more than 20 shots to kill a Boy

HEBRON, March 11, 2004, (WAFA)- Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in Hebron refugee camp of al-Aroub..
Witnesses told WAFA that Israeli troops stormed the refugee camp, and opened heavy fire due to which a child was instantly shot dead.The medics confirmed that Thaer Al Halaika, 15, was killed as being shot with more than twenty gunshots allover his body, mainly chest and head.


In Rafah Refugee Camp, Gaza, Palestine

The Israeli snipers topped the high buildings and made small holes
in the walls where they can point their guns through with a fake
dove put on the tip of the gun as a decoy.


One Year Later: No one sees and no one hears

Dr. Samir Nassrallah
Live from Palestine, 22 March 2004

My family and I will never forget March 16, 2003, the day we lost our dear friend Rachel Corrie. A volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Rachel lived with us in Rafah as if she were a member of our family. She helped us even when we did not need help. She tried to bring optimism and happiness into our lives.

Every morning she would leave with her friends to confront the bulldozers of occupation and to defend houses from their destructive reach. Every evening she would return to us, tired, after a hard day of work.

On the day of her murder, I was returning from work when I saw her and her friends trying to prevent the bulldozers from demolishing the homes adjacent to mine. Then, the bulldozers were approaching my home, and I was surprised to see Rachel standing in front of the bulldozers, with all her courage, strength, and determination. Small as she was, she stood like a mountain, steadfast before those giant machines.

Flanked by two tanks, the bulldozer came closer and closer to my home, and throughout all this, Rachel stood there with a megaphone in her hand repeating loudly that she was not going to move. The driver could see her clearly and he continued to approach the house. She spoke louder and louder: "Stop! Stop! Don't Move!" She identified herself as a member of the ISM, but to no avail. She started to scream at the top of her lungs, but the driver continued to approach her. I could see
her clearly when the bulldozer had nearly reached her. It hurled a pile of sand at her, and she lost her balance and fell. That is when I lost sight of her. She was no more than 10 meters from me.

Then, I found myself screaming, feeling that I had lost her, in the way we had lost so many Palestinians before her. I called the paramedics to send an ambulance immediately. I opened the ambulance doors as quickly as I could and took out the First Aid kit and ran towards Rachel to try and save her. I found her ISM friends gathered around her, and together we removed the sand from on top of her and lifted her into the ambulance to rush her to the hospital. I knew from the first
instance that she was in critical condition. I was with her friends, Alice and Tom, when a seven member medical team finally gave up trying to revive her.

Now there are no internationals with us in Rafah, this isolated town on the Egyptian border. The last ones left to renew their visas, intending to return, but the Israeli army prevented their re-entry into Gaza. The hardships my family and I experience continue and have, in fact, worsened since the internationals left. We lost our house soon afterwards, as if the Israeli army was just waiting for the ISM to leave.

As for Rachel and the message she delivered to us and to the world, she was in pursuit of the truth. She dedicated her life to that. She conveyed the truth as she saw it, reporting the crimes of the Israeli army against innocent Palestinian civilians. The hands of the occupation killed her in cold blood as if to say to us, "I will deny you your spoken voice." I don't feel safe as long as our voice does not reach the outside world.

I call on my ISM friends to return to us. I ask you to come back because Rafah needs you. Tanks roll in and out with total ease, killing and destroying at will. And, without you, no one sees and no one hears.

There is not a day when my family and I don't think of Rachel. I told her family when they came to visit us that Rachel was a loss to my family, a loss to the whole Palestinian people, just as she was to them. Everyone lost her.

We still see that bulldozer that took her away from us.

As much as I speak about her, I still cannot do her justice.

Dr. Samir Nassrallah is a pharmacist and father of three from
Rafah. Rachel Corrie died defending his home.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 10:33 PM
A special message from Fernando Suarez del Solar - Father of Jesus
Alberto Suarez del Solar Navarro Lance Corporal USMC who was killed in Iraq
one year ago.

Greetings to all of you:

Today (March 27th) marks the one year anniversary of the death of my beloved son Jesus Alberto, my Aztec warrior.  A year since Bush's lies about the cause of this death and a year since Bush's insult to my son's memory when the government initially refused to pay the expenses for a civil burial.

A year in which my Aztec Warrior inspired such great love, respect, and admiration in the community. 
A year without his smile, his embrace, his warmth, and even more painful, without his simple presence. 
A year in which my precious grandson Erick must live without his father, without his kiss, his embrace, and his example.
A year in which my wife has never stopped weeping for the loss of her son.
A year in which my daughters have lived without their brother's support, his advice, his jokes, his arguments, and his love.
A year in which the deaths in Iraq have not stopped, in which good young people with dreams have left their families to join my son in that blessed place.
A year in which thousands of innocent Iraqi children have died because of Bush's lies.  Thousands of innocent men and women have lost their freedom and their future because of Bush's lies.
Today, March 27, marks the first year anniversary of my son's death because of the U.S. military command's negligience.  As our family continues to mourn and grieve his loss, we will celebrate a Mass at the Santa Maria Church in Escondido at 7 p.m.  I know that many of you remember him and so you share our grief, and we thank you for your warmth and the moral support you have given my family in this tragic year.  A year that is tragic not only for the Suarez del Solar family but for more than 560 American families who have been deceived and aggrieved by this immoral war.
> Que dios les bendiga.
> Atentamente:
> Fam. Suarez del Solar.
> Padres del "GUERRERO AZTECA"
> Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar Navarro Lance Corporal USMC
> 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division